Success formula for students

Books and curriculum guarantee knowledge and degree. What about success?

It takes much more than a degree. People skills or personality traits matter. Students acquire hard skills or technical skills in classroom and library, it’s often said that hard skills will get you an interview but you need soft skills to get (and keep) the job. Without undermining the importance of hard skills which are essential for the career opportunities and development, it’s not easy to ignore the merits of soft skills which refer to abilities that make people better employees and open doors to opportunities, that aren’t directly related to the subject matter for their jobs. A blend of both is what determines the level of success as a professional. All would agree with us that, it is your soft skills that make your hard skills shine.

To become an able and successful person in any profession, three things are necessary – nature, study and paractice.– Henry Ward Beecher, Social Reformerand Speaker


Why train students on soft skills?


The most obvious answer is to bridge the gap of the present and required skills in today’s demanding industry standards. Today employers need students (freshers) who are good in Communication skills, Presentation of ideas, Interpersonal skills, Team work, ability to apply knowledge in practical situations, manage people, solve problems, professionalism and a whole host of other personality attributes which are crucial for the organization’s success. This gap can certainly be filled by training.


Soft skills Training is primarily essential for these reasons

– To deliver quality man power or human capital to meet the current and future needs

– To increase employability of students and give them a competitive edge over their peers in the job market

– To develop knowledge and skills of every individual to meet their personal and professional goals

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