Training Courses

We at Leaders Ladder help organizations identify and develop the right skills for business success. Our wide range of training programs can be delivered in-house to help tailor the course more closely to your needs. Our team of experienced trainers work very closely to ensure our programs are interactive, valuable and provide an ideal learning experience.

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal skills are important in workplace and our personal and social lives. In our program we focus on how to deal with people for career success and social finesse.

Business Communication

Communication being an essential part of life is more important in any business transaction. Our workshop enhances all form of communication, improving the quality and its effectiveness.

Effective Decision Making

We make decisions every day and in every part of our lives. Making sound decisions is a skill that needs to be developed like any. This program focuses on providing different tools on making better decisions.

Powerful Presentations

We all need impeccable presentation skills; it’s likely that sooner or later, you will have to give formal presentations. Our training helps transform your ideas into influential presentations.

Customer Service

India being a service hub, customer service is of vital importance to all small or large enterprises. Our program focuses on developing strong customer centric workforce to maximizing customer loyalty.

Impactful Business Writing

Writing well is important for the success of any individual or organization giving them a competitive edge over others. Our program helps participants create polished and professional documents.

Be a Leader

Employers often seek staff with strong leadership skills. Our training is aimed towards developing one of the most sought after skills in today’s global economy and focus on building efficient leaders.

Building Empowered Teams

Teams are principal building block of any organization, whether the focus is on service, quality, value or efficiency. Our program focuses on developing skills to ensure teams reaching maximum performance.

Managing Time

Effective organizations spend time doing things that help achieve goals and develop future strategies. Our training is aimed towards improving productivity and strengthen time management skills.

Stress Management

Workplace stress is a common occurrence today, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and impact physical and emotional well-being. Our workshop explores causes of such stress and its remedies.

Creativity and Problem Solving

Staying ahead of competition involves maximizing creativity and solving problems effectively. Our program helps enhance individual and group thinking and ways to approach problem-solving.

Managing Change

Dealing with change and, more importantly, its impact is top priority to every organization. Change being the only constant, our program helps participants come to terms with this entity and harness its potential.

Happiness Advantage

Happy employees are more productive employees, who in turn give customers better service. Our program focuses on finding joy in what you do, overcome challenges and increase cognitive abilities.

Personal Effectiveness

Effective people achieve greater results than ineffective people with greater ability. Our program helps discover effective methods of managing life, increasing productivity with greater job satisfaction.

Profitable Negotiations

From settling differences to making best business deals, negotiation plays a vital role. Our program helps participants enhance personal skills and master negotiating strategies for the best business outcomes.

Business Networking

Connecting with people internally and externally are founding pillars of any business. Our program focuses on building rapport, stronger work relationships and become confident networkers.

Anger Management

Those who manage their anger are much more successful than those who don’t, yet many seldom do. Our training focuses on how to deal with anger in a constructive and effective way.

Managerial Effectiveness

Effective management skills are important for top performing teams. Our program helps acquire managerial skills enabling them to lead teams and focus on all other aspects of becoming better managers.

Personal Branding

Just like organizations our own personal brand has huge impact on how we do business. Our training will help discover and develop personal brands, presenting the real self in front of clients and customers.

Civic Sense

India was never as uncivil as we are today; it’s often debated how Indians young or old have little or no civic sense. Our program covers such unspoken norms of society empowering law abiding and respectful citizens.

Image in Business

The image of your workforce has an undeniable impact on your company’s success. Our program focuses on the essentials of grooming and business attire to create ever lasting impressions.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence increases our ability to make good decisions, build relationships, deal with stress, and cope with change. Our program focuses on practical application of Emotional Intelligence at work

Work Life Balance

It’s challenging to balance work and home life, yet overcoming these challenges present greater rewards. Our program highlights on how to manage work and life to create balance and well-being.

Workplace Etiquette

Professionalism at work is not an option, it’s an obligation. Proper etiquette sets a tone for clients and customers. Our program aims at highlighting all forms of etiquette and how to master them.

Email Etiquette

Email is one the most widely used communication tool globally, thus potential of electronic disasters in business are huge. Our program focuses on the importance of digital communication and sending effective emails.