Training Courses (Colleges)

We are firmly focused on practical application of skills in academia. Many of our training programs are simplified to cater to students for easy absorption and immediate implementation. We thrive at bridging the gap between academics and corporate world. Associate with us to making today students employable and tomorrows entrepreneurs.

Know Yourself

It’s important to discover and become our own true person, and not live a life on what others perceive. Our program embarks on a soul searching journey inwards.

Personal Branding

We live in a branded world, all things around us are branded and so are we. We brand ourselves or others brand us. Our program focuses on creating and developing personal brands for career success.

Interpersonal Communication

Students with strong interpersonal skills are usually more successful in both their professional and personal lives. Our program focuses on how to deal with people for career success and social finesse.

Building Effective Resumes

Well written resume that meet the employer’s needs have better chances to a smooth interview. Our program focuses on creating professional resumes that attract more interview offers.

Acing Group Discussions

Group discussions are not only selection criteria used by employers; they are also a process of exchanging ideas and opinions. Our program guides students to qualify in the most professional manner.

Job Interview Success

Interviews are the most important part of the application process, yet it’s also the most stressful. Our program provides a comprehensive guide on all the aspects of interview success.

Winning Presentations

Mastering presentation skills enable one to present ideas to their peers and audiences clearly and effectively. Our training helps deliver winning presentations in classrooms.

Civic Sense

India was never as uncivil as we are today; it’s often debated how Indians young or old have little or no civic sense. Our program covers such unspoken norms of society empowering law abiding and respectful citizens.

College-Life balance

College is one of the most exciting times, it can also bring along whole host of challenges and stress too. Our program focuses on overcoming these challenges and also prepare for life after college.

Time Management

Time is what makes our lives, managing time effectively is managing self successfully. Our training guides participants on setting goals and improving productivity, having greater control over self.

Professional Etiquette

Good manners open doors that the best education cannot. Professionalism at work is not an option, it’s an obligation. Our program aims at highlighting all forms of etiquettes and how to master them.

Impactful Communication

Communication is important in relationships, education and work. Employers expect graduates to have good communications skills.  Our program focuses on enhancing all form of communication.

Team Work

Teams are principal building block of any organization; learning this skill minimizes conflict within classrooms and improves collective performance. Our program focuses on developing essential skills for an effective team member.

Leaders of tomorrow

Leadership is an attitude not a position. Leaders lead themselves first, before they learn to lead others. Our program helps enhance leadership skills and lay foundations for becoming better student leaders.

Habits for Success

Our habits make our daily lives; good and bad makes us who we are. Our program focuses on laying foundations for building constructive habits to excel in everyday college life.

Dress for Success

Your attire has an undeniable impact on your first impression. Our program focuses on the essentials of grooming and business attire to create ever lasting impressions.

Social Media Effectiveness

Social media is not only about networking, but also a tool for learning and leveraging its power for seeking jobs and building careers. Our program focuses on using effective usage of social media.


To be assertive is to communicate confidently our wants, needs and feeling without violating the rights of others. Our program throws light on different communication styles and learning ways to become more assertive.

Managing Conflicts

Conflicts in any relationship are an inevitable occurrence. Conflicts provide an opportunity for growth and understanding, if handled positively. Our program focuses on dealing with conflicts in a healthy way.

Happiness Advantage

Happiness is not a condition, it’s a choice we make. Our program focuses on finding joy in what you do, overcome challenges and increase cognitive abilities.

Manage Personal Change

Change is inevitable, ability to see change, and deal with it makes all the difference. Our programs focus on understanding and dealing with individual change constructively.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence increases motivation, build relationships, and contribute greatly to student achievement. Our program focuses on developing emotional intelligence in classrooms.

Positive Attitude

Positive attitude lay strong foundations in learning and happiness of all students. Our program focuses on building a health, positive and optimistic attitude towards life and education.

Creative Problem Solving

Staying ahead of competition involves maximizing creativity and solving problems effectively. Our program helps enhance individual and group thinking and ways to approach problem-solving.

Decision Making Skills

We make decisions every day and in every part of our life. Making sound decision is a skill that needs to be developed like any. This program focuses on providing different tools on making better decisions.

Networking for Success

It’s not who you know that matter, but who knows you. Best of job opportunities go to people by reference, networking plays a key role. Our program lays essential foundations for you to connect with right people.

Stress and Anger Management

Anger and stress are both two sides of the same coin, as one leads to another. Managing both is essential for adjusting our attitude and behavior. This program focuses on resolving anger and ways to manage stress for better lives.

Study Skills

Studying can be fun and taxing as well, improving your study skills can be the great educational equalizer and best way to get good grade. Our Workshop aims at providing participants with strategies and tools aimed at improving study habits.

Live your passion

We all have or had a passion and over time they might have been diluted due to diminished belief in our ability. With the help of this workshop we would help assist you to dream again and rekindle your passion, inspire, empower and connect.

Academics to Corporate

Campus and corporate life are two different worlds; graduates must make a smooth transition to take first steps along their career path and adjust to the new world. The workshop enables one to bridges the gap with a better understanding of corporate life.