Education for Youth – The big question?

Whenever I enter examination halls I cant help but notice how desperate students are to cheat. They find copying a thrill-full necessity, contradictory to the one value we were taught in schools and home specially when we where young. Honesty and self righteousness is slowly dying or is already dead. I have often said this, when I see students I see potential convicts.

Instead of studying and working hard to get their scores, most students today go with four hopes: hope they remember the little they have studied, hope the people around have studied more than them, hope the teacher is lenient and allows copying and if nothing works hope god gifts them with the ability to craft answers out of thin air.

Young ones go to schools and colleges not just to study different books and subjects, but also to learn important life lessons, values and wisdom to imbibe them in daily life. But if they find studies difficult, principle anti-values and false wisdom, how does the investment of all the years of education reap returns? If young aspirants move out of the education world to the work world, are they making the future world a better place or are we heading for worser times?

No wonder we find so many educated illiterates with poor civic sense, intolerance and discourteous, crime rates skyrocketing, moral values missing and corporate frauds increasing. We need to seriously look at our parenting and teaching responsibilities. Deep introspection is needed to understand and change this prevailing system.

It reminds me of an article I read on Japanese schooling system, kids there are taught only values for the first few years of their education. We in India, also need a value based not theory based foundation for our future generation. Parents instead of pushing their children to get good scores, they should teach them to have good souls. Teachers instead of teaching them how to memorize their lessons, they should teach them how to mesmerize their lessons. If we ever wish to see a better India or a better world in future, we need to prepare the ones who make the future.

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